Hello! I'm


A data scientist and graduate of Northumbria University where I studied Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence.

I utilise data, delivering insights to improve performance and help understanding.

My Skills

Data Processing

Processing large amounts of data from various sources in order to deliver insights and automate reporting.

Data Analysis

Investigate trends and anomalies to solve problems, extract information and allow for more informed decision making.

Machine Learning

Large projects allowing for adaptive problem solving and long term solutions for complex requirements.



Power BI




Light curves allow us to get a glimpse of the activity around very distant stars. This project used several machine learning models along with NASA's Exoplanet Archive data to predtict if a star has an orbiting planet.

The project taught me a lot about machine learning and complex data processing as well as interfacing with API's.

Completed: 19/05/2021

Music Analysis

As a personal project I wanted to get a automated report of my monthly new music playlists on Spotify. I used Spotify's API and Python to generate a html report showing statistics for a month based on a playlist link.

This ended up being a very long term project as I have been improving and restructuring it over several years so I ended up getting a lot out of this project.

Completed: 24/04/2023

Light Curve Search

Light curves allow us to get a glimpse of the activity around very distant stars. This project used machine learning and fuzzy logic with user input drawings to find similarly shaped light curves and output information about the star it belongs to.

The project gave me a lot to think about it terms of project scope and the limitations of certain types of data.

Completed: 07/05/2021

TUG Tests

A timed stand up and go test is used to evaluate a persons risk of falling, typically used with elderly individuals. This project aimed to automatically segment the accelerometer data to help with evaluating the results.

This project gave me experience with a variety of machine learning models as well as how to create synthetic data when not enough training data is available.

Completed: 07/05/2021

Mandelbrot Approximator

As part of a challenge, getting a neural network to approximate a fractal is either an infinite stress test or a form of torture as replicating an infinite pattern should be impossible but neural networks have some clever tricks. This project acts an investigation into those tricks.

As this is a slow burn, long term project that involes a lot of research, I'm learning a lot about the more intricate details of neural networks.

Completed: WIP

More Coming Soon!

I want to do projects using the Python Library BeautifulSoup and expand my knowledge with cloud computing.

Completed: WIP

About Me

01class AdamWoods:

02# This class is a work in progress.

03# I'm always expanding my knowledge.


05def __init__(self):

06self.name = "AdamWoods"

07self.date_of_birth_epoch = 910557060

08self.email = "adam@adamwoods.dev"


10def get_education(self):

11education = {"2015 - 2017" : "A Levels - Computer Science, Physics, History",

12"2017 - 2021" : "Northumbria University - Computer Science with AI, First Class Honours",}

13return education


15def get_experience(self):

16experience = {"2021 - 2022" : "Data Analyst at UK Search Limited",

17"2022 - 2023" : "Senior Data Analyst at UK Search Limited",}

17"2023 - now" : "Data Scientist at UK Search Limited",}

18return experience


20def get_skills(self):

21skills = ["Python","SQL","Power BI","HTML","CSS","JavaScript","Java","MATLAB","M Code","React","Photoshop","Illustrator",

22"Machine Learning","ETL Pipelines","Analysis","Data Mining","Statistics","Visualisation","Design","Vector Art",

23"Natural language Processing","Computer Vision","Big Data" | ]



26return skills

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